Barclays is a bank based in the United Kingdom and is one of the largest banks in the world. With more than 24 million customers and 25,000 colleagues, Barclays focuses on building excellent, long-term relationships with customers on all levels, from individuals to large businesses.

Barclays offers everything a customer could want from a bank, including top-notch digital and branch banking services, wealth management, investment services, loaning and credit, strategic advisory, and philanthropy. Barclays has an approximate annual revenue of £22 billion.

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Barclays is committed to the future and works toward continued sustainability, as well as diversity and inclusion. They are a bank that always strives toward the common good and success of their customers. Their customers report a positive experience, with Net Promoter Scores above +15 for each year between 2018 and 2020.

Barclays Bank Statement Template

Barclays offers several ways to get a bank statement, maximizing convenience for customers. If you’re an online banking customer, you can get an interim statement from any computer, mobile phone, or other device.

If using Barclays online banking isn’t an option or if you require a paper statement directly from the bank, you still have two more options. If you’re registered for Barclays telephone banking, you may call their Service Centre. Barclays does have different telephone numbers for different kinds of banking, so be sure you’re calling the correct number to save yourself some time.

Finally, you can visit any Barclays branch to request either an up-to-date statement or a copy of any previous one on your account. Statements made by phone or branch request are sent by 2nd-class post and will generally arrive in between five and seven working days. If, for some reason, such as a bank holiday, there is no regular Royal Mail service, the delivery may be delayed by a day.

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A Barclays bank statement will have all the information you need about your accounts at a glance. The top section will have the statement month, account numbers, starting balance, money in, money out, and closing balance. The bulk of the statement will have details about every single transaction in the banking period. This includes details on if a transaction happened at a Barclays branch, any kind of online transaction, and in-person, whether through a debit card or a service like Apple Pay. Finally, the statement will show information on credit rates (if your statement includes any loans or credit cards), as well as different ways to contact Barclays customer service.

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