Metro Bank is a commercial and retail bank registered and operating in the United Kingdom since 2010. Founded by Vernon Hill and Thomson Hill, it became the first high street bank to start in the UK in more than a century. Metro Bank PLC has 77 branches (stores), with approximately 4,000 employees by June 2021. In 2020, the bank’s revenue was around £609.2 million.

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Metro Bank offers comprehensive scale banking and financial services to large-scale traders, sole proprietors, and consumers. Some of their services include trust banking, credit card services, savings, safe deposit boxes, insurance, personal borrowing, and investment banking. They also offer several services as a way of serving the community.

Metro Bank partners with a top-ranking charity to help young people struggling with cancer, educate children about financial education and budgeting alongside other community services.

Metro Bank Statement Template

Metro Bank allows you to easily see your transactions and check your balances at the comfort of your couch. Even better, the bank sends monthly emails to notify you when your bank statement is available online, and you can easily download the paper version any time you desire. Here are the steps if you wish to download your bank statement:

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  • Sign in to your online banking platform
  • Select “view statements and other documents.”
  • Choose the account you would like to see your report for from the dropdown menu and select “Retrieve.”
  • Click “view” to the year whose statement you wish to download
  • Choose the months you want
  • Select “Download as PDF”

After downloading, the statement mostly takes between three and five working days to arrive. Some of the information you’ll see in the report include:

  • Your name and address
  • Account number and currency
  • Statement period and date
  • Your account summary, with details about your transactions, dates, accounts, balance at the end of each transaction, and transaction descriptions.

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