The National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) started in 1858 in Melbourne and quickly expanded to other areas of Australia, including New South Wales, Tasmania, and Western Australia. Within a year, they had a branch in London to handle commodities like gold and wool. They temporarily closed their doors during a banking crisis in the early 1890s but quickly re-opened as a public limited company.

Today, NAB bills itself as a bank that’s about “more than money.” Serving over 9 million customers and employing 30,000 people in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide, NAB’s primary goals include consumer safety, easy banking processes, and sustainable outcomes for people and communities.

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NAB provides services to individual consumers, businesses, and corporations, including deposit accounts, business accounts, loans, credit cards, personal wealth management, and many other financial services people require.

NAB Bank Statement Template

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You have a few ways to access your statements depending on how you bank with NAB. They’re switching over to online statements, but you can still receive paper statements in the mail. To view your online statements, log in to NAB’s website and go to the Accounts menu. From there, choose Account Statements, wait for a new page to load, and then choose the account and date range of the statements you’d like to see. Hit Search, and you’ll get a list of statements by date. Choose the statements you wish to view and hit Download to download them to your computer.

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