For over a century and a half, PNC Bank’s commitment to exemplary service and exceptional financial counsel has made the financial institution one of the most dependable counsels in its industry.

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The company has a long history of supporting its customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. For account holders, the bank offers incentives like SmartAccess and Virtual Wallet. Every feature offered is specifically geared toward making financial objectives easier to plan and implement across the board.

Alongside its financial benefits, the bank sponsors the arts, culture, economic stability, and education with everything from programs to mentorships. But, of course, where they excel is personal and business banking. From tips to smart spending to automating your finances and understanding overdraft coverage, PNC provides ideas and insights to make the most of your budget, savings, and retirement goals.

PNC Bank Statement Template

PNC Bank offers four types of accounts: Foundation, Standard, Performance, Performance Select checking. Comparatively, the bank has lower monthly checking fees and lower minimum balances for waiving fees than the competition.

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The PNC bank statement is a complete record of your most recent actions. Overall, the information is usually the same with the latest transactions changing the numbers.

A PNC bank statement includes the following information:

  • Period of the statement
  • Account-holders contact information
  • Primary account number
  • Notation of any enclosures
  • How to contact the bank and when
  • Balance summary
  • Transaction summary
  • Interest summary
  • Activity detail
  • YTD billing amount

Your statement’s available through snail mail or online.

To get your online statement, you:

  1. Sign onto online banking at
  2. Select the account
  3. Go to the Account Activity page
  4. Click on Online Statements
  5. Click Print Statement. Full account numbers are viewable at the top right corner of the statement

From the online banking account page, you can easily update your personal information.

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