Scotiabank, also known as Bank of Nova Scotia, is one of Canada’s largest and oldest banks, with over 900 branches and over 23 million clients worldwide. Founded on March 30, 1832, it is the first public bank in Halifax.

With approximately USD 1.1 trillion in assets, the bank has over 90,000 employees and operates in 50 countries. Scotiabank offers personal banking, small business banking, commercial banking, wealth management, and capital markets services. They also provide loans and lines of credit and several insurance products. Digital banking is available for managing accounts and making payments or transfers.

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Scotiabank Bank Statement Template

There are three ways for clients to obtain a copy of their Scotiabank statement. The first is from the accounts page. Select documents, then choose which statement to print.

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The second option is to visit a local branch to request a hard copy account statement. Additionally, account statements are also available digitally from the website or mobile app.

Personal banking statements include the opening and closing balances and all debits and credits for each statement period. There is a chronological list of account transactions, a description, and the amount.

Scotiabank credit card statements summarize rewards, including points earned, redeemed, or transferred and the remaining points balance. The statement also details the credit limit, balance, and minimum payment due. There is also a record of all statement period transactions.

Personal Portfolio Statements provide details of investment transactions. The first page highlights a summary of all investments and features a column chart to illustrate portfolio performance.

The second page of the statement contains information about mutual funds and other securities held. In addition, the statement includes a record of all transactions, including interest and contributions.

The third page provides information about cash holdings, including guaranteed investment certificates. The final page lists non-registered investments and registered savings investments along with the issuer and amounts.

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