The Walmart Money Card is offered as a reloadable debit card through Walmart. It’s issued by Green Dot Bank, a classic digital banking service that has served more than 33 million customers since its founding in 1978. The companies joined forces in 2010 to offer more cashback rewards to shoppers.

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It runs on Visa and Mastercard processing and works in a similar way to a traditional checking account, including accepting direct deposits from employers and offering cashback on certain purchases as high as 3% from Walmart’s online store, 2% from their fuel stations, and 1% from their physical locations.

The Walmart Money Card offers overdraft protection and a 2% interest rate. There is a monthly fee of $5.94 for balances under $500.

Walmart Money Card Statement Template

You can check your balance for the Walmart Money Card through the Walmart Money Card website or mobile app, as well as by texting “BAL [last four digits of your card number]” to 96411. You can check your history the same way, though you would instead text “HIS [last four digits of your card number].” This can be done at any time.

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Though not sent on a monthly basis, it is possible to request full digital or physical billing statements through the app or website. It is unclear whether there is a fee for doing so, though it is typical for banks to charge an opt-in fee for physical Walmart Money Card bank statements now. These statements will include information like your name and account information, the pay period, beginning balance, and ending balance of the card. It will also feature a detailed list of transactions made during the pay period, including the date of the purchase, the company charging you, and the status of the payment.

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